Sunday, February 27, 2011

MBA Dissertation Topics List

Important Facts You Should Know When You Write Your MBA Dissertation

You are required to write an MBA dissertation in order to complete your MBA program and earn your degree. Your MBA dissertation corroborates the veracity of your claim that you have understood the matter covered in your courses. You can write your dissertation if you know the matter and that how it should be written. So, when you are ready to write your MBA dissertation, make sure you are aware of the following:

  • Stay in touch with your MBA dissertation advisor. It is your responsibility to make appointments with him. You should also submit your work prior to meeting in order to receive constructive criticism. He won’t be correcting your spelling mistakes or organizing your paper though. Rather, he will provide you with valuable suggestions. 
  • You need to confirm how many words you have to write for your MBA dissertation. If you have to write 20,000 words then find out if they include title, appendices, references, etc, or not. So, check your university guidelines and also confirm with your advisor.
  • Decide the structure for your MBA dissertation. You may opt for any form that you like or even combine research-based document, a case study, a business report or a business plan.
  • The research that you conduct for your MBA dissertation should be quantitative and qualitative research. It should prove facts and establish legitimacy and examine the importance of events and conditions.
Whenever you face a problem related to MBA dissertation, simply refer to your university guidelines or consult with your advisor instead of making assumptions. I have highlighted some crucial points that you should know when you write your MBA dissertation in order to complete your MBA program and earn your degree.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

MA Dissertation Writing

3 Mistakes Students Make When They Choose an MA Dissertation Topic

Not only writing your MA dissertation  requires thorough research, your MA dissertation topic requires thorough research as well. If you don’t choose your MA dissertation topic wisely, the chances are you won’t finish your dissertation in time. It’s important to know what mistakes students make when they choose a topic and turn it into a nightmare. Let’s discuss the 3 common mistakes that you must not make in order to come up with an MA dissertation topic which will help you stay focused and finish your dissertation in time.

MA Dissertation Topic – Mistake # 1:

Choosing a vague or ambiguous MA dissertation topic is a big mistake. You have to present your understanding and learning in a clear way and a vague topic will never help you achieve this. Your topic should give you a clear picture of what needs to be done. Therefore, you must make sure that your MA dissertation topic is not ambiguous at all.

MA Dissertation Topic – Mistake # 2:

You must not choose an MA dissertation topic that is too broad. It has to be concise and to the point. Choosing a broad MA dissertation topic will not help you at all. It will actually become difficult to manage all the information in a concise way. So, make sure you manage to narrowly define your topic in order to write your MA dissertation in time.

MA Dissertation Topic – Mistake # 3:

When you choose an MA dissertation topic, you need to make sure that there is ample material available to complete your dissertation. If you can’t find enough information then you must not opt for that topic.

It is imperative to do an in-depth research for your MA dissertation topic. If you don’t choose a clear, concise and narrowly defined topic with ample material then you will only procrastinate and it will even further delay your degree. So, get ready to do thorough research for your MA dissertation topic as this is the only way to succeed.