Friday, March 25, 2011

The Dissertation Advice

Dissertation Advice on Defending Your Dissertation

It is common among students to seek Dissertation Advice when they are getting ready to defend their dissertation. Dissertation defense is an oral exam and a lot of people are diffident of taking it as it seems to intimidate them. The purpose of defense is to evaluate your mastery of the topic and matters pertinent to it. Your advisor will not let you defend your dissertation if he thinks you are not ready. During the defense, you will have to present the main arguments of your dissertation and then answer questions that you will be asked. After you complete your defense, the entire committee will evaluate the quality of your presentation and the document.

Following advices will allow you to succeed in defending your dissertation:

Ø Your first Dissertation Advice on defending your dissertation is to inquire and familiarize yourself with the process at your university that how it works. Knowing the procedure will give you a clear picture of what to expect in defense and will allow you to stay focused.

Ø Another advice is to visit those students who have successfully defended their dissertations. Ask them what kind of questions you should expect from the committee members.

Ø Let me give you a very important Dissertation Advice. You must Practice a lot. Invite a group of friends over and practice with them. Consider them to be the members of committee and present the main arguments of your dissertation. This will allow you to enhance your presentation skills.

Ø Another important advice is to master your dissertation. Even though you have written the whole thing but it is advisable to thoroughly review the whole dissertation to refresh your memory. When you go for defense, make sure you take a copy of your dissertation with you.

Ø The last advice would be to take good night’s sleep. You will feel fresh if you rest well. Be confident and have faith in yourself.

Following the Dissertation Advices will enable you to successfully complete your last task before your degree could be awarded.