Saturday, December 4, 2010

Structure Of A Literature Review

If you don’t know how to write a literature review then you can’t demonstrate that you have read and understood the work published on a particular topic. Not knowing how to write a literature review also shows that you have not done enough research and, therefore, are unable to produce it. In order to find out how to write a literature review, you need to understand what it should contain.

You don’t write your literature review simply to describe the publications of others or summarize what others have written. Instead, it is a critical discussion that shows your understanding of different arguments, approaches and theories. Follow these important points in order to stop wondering how to write a literature review:

    * You need to provide an overview of your literature review. Also, state the objectives of the literature   review.

    * When you write a literature review, you should present how similar or different the work of previous authors was.

    * You need to define areas in which different authors either agreed or disagreed with each other.

    * Your literature review should demonstrate gaps in research. It should define where further research is required.

    * You need to demonstrate how your research is related to previous studies in your field.

When you don’t know how to write a literature review, it is crucial to remember the points mentioned above. Make sure you know the difference between an annotated bibliography and a literature review in order to write it correctly. All you need to do now is to carry out an in-depth research and write your literature review successfully.