Thursday, December 2, 2010

Writing a Literature Review Tips

Writing a literature review can be easy and fun if you know what it includes, how to organize it and where to collect information from. Unless you know how exactly you can start writing a literature review, you will continue to procrastinate. I am going to give you three tips now that will enable you to understand the process and allow you to start writing a literature review successfully.

1. Writing a Literature Review – Find out what it includes:

When you start writing a literature review, you need to find out what it contains and how it’s written. For example, your introduction states what you will write about in your literature review. Also, Support your argument and explain why others are wrong. Discuss how similar or different the work of different authors was, in your area of study. Talk about gaps in previous research and suggest where further research is required. When you write your conclusion discuss your main argument and how your points support it. So, you need to discuss this with you advisor that what your literature review should contain.

2. Writing a Literature Review – Find out how it’s organized:

Once you know what your literature review should contain, you then need to find out how it is organized. You need to know how all the material you write should be combined. Discuss this with your adviser as well.

3. Writing a Literature Review – Find out Where to collect relevant matter from:

In order to collect relevant matter for your literature review, you need to go through articles, journals, books, etc. You may go through prewritten literature review samples as well to find more sources for your own literature review. Check your library or search for prewritten literature review samples online.

Writing a literature review is not an easy task. You must prepare yourself for a lot of reading. As your literature review shows how broad your research was, you have no choice but to do a thorough research and collect as much relevant matter as you can to facilitate your writing process.